Whether you want to hide your chewed nails, get fashionable Extensions or a stunning Nail makeover, Nail Spa is your destination of choice. Nail Spa provides a host of services to decorate the 20 jewels on your fingertips.

Nail Extensions
"Artificial nails are very popular, especially with those who have trouble growing their own nails or nail-biters who want to kick the habit.” It’s a set of Tips that are attached to the natural nail & finished to perfection with Gel or odor-free Acrylic so they look & feel absolutely natural.

Today’s woman is looking for time. Do you want fabulous nails that are maintenance-free? Nail extensions have become part of a “consistently groomed” look. Welcome to a hassle-free service that saves time & looks stunning every day.

Nail Art
‘Out with the old, in with the Bold’ is the name of the game. Exceptional Nail Art is created using a wide range of products & techniques. It’s customized for every client to match individual style & statement. Choose from Embedded art, Marbling, Glitters, Mylars, Fimo cane, Minx nails, Nail piercing, Danglers, Dry flowers, Rhinestones, Tattoes, Diamontes, Crystals, Decals, Metallic jewels, Swarovski, Precious gems, 3D art, Ceramic art & lots more.

Permanent French
Everyone loves the French manicure ­ the nail bed is soft pink & the tips are stark white. When this is applied with nail polish it lasts for a week max. Enter Permanent French ­ same pink & white, applied with special techniques will stay for 3weeks- No Chips, No Cracks, No Fading, No Yellowing.

Permanent Polish & Permanent Nail Art
Permanent Polish & Permanent Nail Art are very desirable options because the polish & the art are well preserved to look stunning for 3 weeks. It’s completely maintenance-free ­ No Chips, No Cracks, No Fading.

Toe Extensions
Toe Extensions are popular all year round. Using special techniques to coat it with Gel or Odor-free Acrylic, the end result is absolutely natural. Add to that Permanent French &/or nail art & you have a stunning pair of footsies.

American Spa Manicure & Pedicure
The Ultimate American Spa Manicure & Pedicure that lasts for weeks! NO cracked heels & dryness. Too-good-to-be-true? TRY IT! We guarantee the results!

And many more services...

"Experience the Difference"