Welcome to India's number one Nail Academy. START AN EXCITING CAREER. DO YOUR RESEARCH.. Nails Spa is proud to have the longest running Nail Academy in India with leading Nail Technology from USA. We understand that its important to have your answers so you can complete the research which is absolutely necessary to select your guru.

How old is the Nail Spa Academy?

For over seven years Nail Spa academy has trained many technicians & salon owners who are running successful nail bars all over India.

What makes Nail Spa training different from other institutions offering nail training?

Nail Spa is the *only* nail academy offering USA certified courses using USA products & USA technology.

Why USA?

The nail industry in North America is 33 years old and its at Rs.20,000 Crores. With years of research & development, they are ahead of the game. Always introducing new products & technology with a benchmark that exceeds & excels globally.

How do I choose the best Nail Academy?

Do some research and check out the data which is easily available in India. Who has the best program/courses? What is the trainers qualifications? What is the trainers track record in terms of success?

What products does Nail Spa use?

Nail Spa is the largest importer of Nail products in India. Always check the product labels & manufacturing source. Nail Spa selects only FDA (Federal Drug & Food administration America) approved products.

What is the quality of products and their manufacturing source?

Always get proof of purchase of the products because it’s very important to check the source of the products. These chemical compounds must be safe to use on Nail.

What has the trainer established in India?

She has trained hundreds of technicians specially from the underprivileged society to give them lifelong earning capabilities.

How many locations do you have?

Nail Spa has 9 locations in India plus the Academy & its growing fast.

What is the Trainers qualification?

Gurpreet Seble has been in the Beauty Industry in North America for over 20 years. She has learnt from the Gurus in North America & constantly upgrades her skills with frequent visits to USA to introduce new products & technology in India.

What is her contribution in India? How many years has the trainer spent in the Nail Industry?

She has pioneered the nail industry in India with an investment of hard work and money to gain extensive knowledge that accounts for her success today. She is known & highly respected in India for her work & contribution to the development of a new career option in India.

What certification courses do you offer?

Basic Nail extensions & Nail Art. Advance Nail Extensions & 3D nail art. Intensive course for fast track learning. Soon they will offer ‘distance learning’
All our courses are USA certified & recognized internationally?

Can I get a job abroad based on this certificate?

These certificates are recognized globally. Your education will get you immediate attention that can lead to a rewarding career abroad.

How many graduates of this academy have achieved success?

All graduates have moved on to successful careers in the Nail Industry as technicians, trainers or at the management level operating their own nail spas.

What has the trainer established in the retail sector?

Thousands of clients served in India has given valuable experience that is shared with the students during hands on training based on case histories . All the juice of our retail experiences since 2003 is shared with the students to enhance their knowledge..
Follow the success stories & check out the trade publications for articles written by the trainer.

Do you guarantee a job after graduation?

The Nail Industry is striving to establish a platform but the lack of well educated nail technicians is a major challenge. We are privileged to offer placement opportunities all across India to the qualified graduates.

This Industry is constantly changing – new products, new technology...how do I keep up with the latest trends & technology?

Remember that every student has LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to our academy. If you have any challenges you are not alone - we are only a phonecall away. You can come for consultation, upgrades, new product demos......no charge.

What special offers/discounts do you offer?

We have ongoing offers & every student is entitled to special discounts on trainings & products.

Will I get attention from the Trainer? What is the maximum number of students per class?

Since 2004 we have maintained a small class size of 4 to 6 students with 2 to 3 instructors. This ensures each student gets one-on-one interaction with the trainer.

Will I get hands-on practice with live models?

We provide live models for all students for real life hands-on experience. (Youcan also get your friend or family member as your own model )

What makes Nail Spa different from other training centres?

We have a proven business track record. With 9 locations, highest importer of nail products, latest products, technology & trends from USA makes us a winning combination.

I want to setup my own Nail bar after completing my course. What will I learn about the business?

Besides the technical training we also have open discussions on How to build your business, How to get & retain nail clients, How much can you earn, What is the cost per service, and more valuable knowledge to start an exciting career in nails.