Nail Spa has the latest Artificial Nail Technology from the birthplace of Artificial Nails ­ USA.

We keep up with the Global Trends & Techniques through our direct association with the North American research & developments.

With experience in International Nail training from the US and being involved in the North American Beauty & Grooming Industry for over two decades has inspired us to bring the latest technology to India. The Nail service menu is extensive, offering Nail Extensions, Nail Art, Permanent French, Permanent Polish, Permanent Nail Art, American Spa Manicures, Spa Pedicures, Toe extensions, Fungus treatments & more. The USP is fabulous nails with North American Health & Safety standards using FDA (USA) approved products.

Our first & foremost passion & objective in India is Education & the results are here - our trained instructors & technicians have laid the benchmark for quality & they are at par with their counterparts back home (USA). Our Training is based on USA Standards & Certification which is recognized worldwide. Tremendous demand of qualified technicians has created a new career opportunity for technicians trained on international standards in India.

Our commitment to deliver the latest technology combined with our industry experience in Nail Services, Training & Consulting is guaranteed to increase your income. Come & enjoy our services or our personal training sessions. We welcome your feedback & suggestions and look forward to meeting you in person.

"Experience the Difference"